Saturday, January 5, 2008

Pictures finally

These are the photos of my hair in the sisterlocks just after she finished the installation and rod set on 22 and 23 Dec. They are tiny little braid looking things that over time will form small locks. I got all the relaxed ends cut off a couple of months earlier and had been wearing a wig over my 4 inches of natural hair. After about 16 hours of sitting for two days I'm not looking too cute but my hair is. My hair actually looked like a rod set for the first day but after I slept on it it went flat on the side that I sleep on. I rolled it myself for a couple of days. The bare spaces are sorta of like when you first get your hair braided but after I washed it a week later they filled in. The ends of my hair have these little curly cues on the end that look really cute. I'm really looking forward to tracking my progress and growth. I just need to find a way to effectively control the dandruff.